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AleXAmber is the union of two declined English names, those of Amber and Alessandro Mazzone. The X that connects them has a specific meaning, because it represents the generation of their parents, famous restaurateurs Bice Milano, who believe in the high quality of raw materials and with the customer in human contact materials. These are the values ​​that we find also AleXAmber Fish Cuisine, the great-grandchildren of Bice are run with the same spirit, in a sign of renewal. The roots are a matter of great importance in these parts also Alessandro Schiavon, the chef, comes from a family of restaurateurs Imperia that have transmitted his passion for his craft and a long tradition of cooking fish.


Amber Mazzone was born in Milan in '91, he always studied music, but over time he realized his passion for the restaurant business, the environment in which she grew up with his brother as a child: in their games recreated the atmosphere of a restaurant kitchen. Raised by Bice Milano, he began working as an officer and continued as a reception room maid and bartender; later was head waiter at Bice Ristorante in Palm Beach in Florida.

Alessandro Mazzone was born in Milan in '93, and grew up in his parents' restaurant, it began as a food stand in an Australian pizzeria and he also worked as a receptionist by Bice, then alongside his father in the kitchen. He studied at the Les Roches International School of Hotel Management, Switzerland, later acquired experience working in Barcelona, ​​in a starred restaurant in Florence and at the Bulgari Hotels & Resorts Milan.

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"Amber and Alessandro Mazzone, sons of Bice managers, are sons of art. They learned the art of cooking in the kitchen of the family restaurant and attending hotel schools around the world. "

Free, 22 December 2017

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The local

Exclusive restaurant with an elegant mood, AleXAmber Fish Cuisine offers fine cuisine based on fish; with upholstery that refers to marine creatures and soft lighting, its rooms are reminiscent of a fish tank. Perfect for a quick lunch break without giving up high quality food, AleXAmber Fish Cuisine is above all an ideal place for dinners and exclusive events collected; It is located in a historic district of Milan who in recent years has been thoroughly renovated and now houses an important part of the city's nightlife.